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Camcorders generally have much smaller sensors which can’t keep up with the quality of DSLR/Hybrids.Maybe the most notable advantage of professional camcorders compared to DSLR/Hybrids is XLR audio capabilities.By in large, production video cameras are designed with professional cinematographers in mind and production quality is generally much higher than than DSLR/Hybrids and camcorders, but of course that comes at a price.Overall, DSLR/Hybrids and camcorders are more mobile and budget friendly, but sacrifice image quality.Without the proper arsenal you put yourself at a severe disadvantage.

It should be noted that audio interface units which support XLR are available for DSLR/Hybrids, but they can be rather bulky and you sacrifice the mobility that probably drew you to a DSLR/Hybrid in the first place.Best 4k Professional Cameras Best Lens for Professional Production What Makes a Good 4k Editing Computer?Best Desktops for Editing 4k Videos Laptops for Editing 4k Videos IPS and Professional Monitors Editing Software for 4k Production High Storage for 4k Workflow Professional Video Monitors and Recorders Professional Microphones Professional Video Tripods Professional Rigs, Gimbals and Shoulder Mounts Generally, choosing a 4K camera is the most important and difficult decision you will make in your journey towards producing video in 4K. First, it’s important to keep in mind that content remains king in this process.The first step is to decide which type of professional grade 4K camera fits your needs.The choice comes down to either a production video camera, DSLR/Hybrid or a camcorder.The body of DSLR/Hybrids are similar to traditional DLSRs, hence the name, but they are engineered to be high quality video production machines.The best way to describe a DSLR/Hybrid is as a “lite” video production camera.In comparison to a professional camcorder, a DSLR/Hybrid has far superior image quality.Most DSLR/Hybrids are packed with a full-frame sensor that delivers stunning detail and is able to produce an extremely shallow depth of field.As opposed to camcorders, you won’t find a cheap production camera.The entry cost is high, but the payoff is far superior image quality and a host of customization options.


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