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The Justice Department on Thursday filed notice that it is appealing a judge's approval of AT&T's purchase of Time Warner. District Court Judge Richard Leon, who gave his blessing for the deal valued at billion.

The June 12 ruling was a blow for the Justice Department's antitrust division. Federal lawyers contended that the combined company.

A Netgear router with an easy-to-guess default password may have a helped a hacker steal sensitive documents about a US military drone.

The hacker was able to infiltrate the computer network of a Nevada Air Force base because nobody changed the default password of a Netgear router on its network.

Adding an access point to a wired network already in place, or to one where the main NAT router is provided by the ISP is usually the easiest solution.

However, introducing a second NAT router on the network is not a good idea, especially without some tweaking to set it.

The Windows 8 TCP/IP implementation shares many traits with earlier Windows versions, however, there are some subtle differences, new syntax for applying tweaks, and some new settings.

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This is the second fine the Commission filed against the search giant in the past year.Up to 300Mbps wireless speed provides users with smooth internet surfing, internet phone calling and online gaming.Phicomm KE 2M router support the following features: * 3 intelligent high-gain omni-directional antennas.More bandwidth is freed up with dedicated wireless links between Deco units. Windows Vista introduces a number of new features to the TCP/IP stack, including CTCP, and TCP Window Auto-Tuning.This new implementation works much better by default than previous Windows versions with broadband internet connections, and is able to adjust the RWIN value on the fly, depending on the BDP (bandwidth-delay product).And if that's not enough, simply add more Deco units to the network to increase coverage.Three separate Wi-Fi bands deliver fast, stable connections to devices in every room of your home.We cover Broadband Internet connections, network security, wireless and system performance.A large section of SG focuses on Cable Modems and DSL technology, stressing on improving TCP/IP performance over high speed/latency networks.In June 2017, Google was fined .7 billion for breaking antitrust laws related to its leveraging.According to a recent report from CNBC, Comcast is unlikely to make another bid for 21st Century Fox's movie and TV holdings. Department of Commerce on Friday lifted a 7-year ban on Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE.


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