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“I do love it,” Jill says of the show, “and I know it’s so bad for me! “But the bad stuff I could never watch again or live again.

Jill has a sanguine new attitude about her time on Real Housewives Of New York, and accepts that life, relationships, and reality TV move on. “There were a lot of cute, fun moments,” reminisces Jill.

Jill met Jules at a cocktail party after the newbie had signed on to Real Housewives Of New York.

“When I met her and her husband, the first thing I said to both of them is, ‘I hope you have a really good marriage, because if you don’t you’ll never make it.’ And they both looked at me, and in a weird way,” Jill dishes.

“I did not feel confident that they had a good marriage.”“I walked out of there and I said to my husband, ‘They are gonna end up divorced.’ I knew it…,” she exclaims.

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Stone, who is married to actress Lindsay Price, has two young sons: 5-year-old Hudson and 2-year-old Emerson. "And Nick, in the 11 years that we've been together, has never made one meal for me," Lachey revealed, adding quickly, "But that's OK. Like I almost feel like she might have known her marriage was not for the long, and when she got this offer to do the show, she knew it was her escape financially, emotionally – being famous has a lot of perks to it. He’s totally the real deal.”Tom and Jill’s stepson are both members of a prestigious group for business presidents called YPO.I could be wrong.” “You always think it’s not gonna be you,” Jill remarks, adding that Heather Thomson had to “get off” the show to save her marriage. After insisting she left to save her marriage (and herself), Jill says that during an “ADD moment” she accidentally quit. Following season 4, Jill was anxious “waiting and waiting” for contract negotiations to finalize, and Bobby was pressing her to plan a 3 week trip to Europe so they could reconnect. Jill’s step-son, who “runs Zarin” is also friends with Tom.Seeing queer people being their authentic selves has inspired many to live their truth.It’s also opened the doors to diversity in the entertainment industry and the minds of viewers at home.just only gratefulness, but I just didn’t want to participate in it. So, that’s why – I didn’t want to go into that situation.” Jill is emphatic she would never return – even Bethenny left. It just has to do with me – it’s not good for me; it’s not good for my marriage.” Does RHONY Cause Divorce?Because it just brings back a lot of stuff, and it was gonna be one-sided and I wouldn’t have an opportunity to rebut.” Jill mentions Bethenny saying “pretty nasty things” about her as an example of why she didn’t participate. The ever-gossipy Jill gives her two-cents on Jules Wainstein‘s marriage.Jill and Ramona have rekindled their fraught friendship. She’s helping me with some stuff; I’m helping her with some stuff. I think that Ramona has really changed and I have too – we’re in a good place.” “Dorinda and I were friends – not close friends.While I was on the show, in fact, she’s in an episode of season 4 with me.” (The episode where Jill’s step-daughter spoke about her facial injury). You guys didn’t get to know her because she was only on one season.To honor the impact reality TV has had on our culture, we’re sharing our list of 50 of the most memorable LGBT reality stars.Wir verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte zu personalisieren, Werbeanzeigen maßzuschneidern und zu messen sowie die Sicherheit unserer Nutzer zu erhöhen.


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