Real world cast members dating

She is shocked by the fact that Raj split with his Emily to pursue a relationship but then later calls him to ask him out.Claire dates Raj at the same time as Emily, but Raj ends up breaking up with them both.This beautiful 30 year old actress has had a few exciting roles before getting the part of The Big Bang Theory.Some of these include characters on Two and a Half Men, American Horror Story, and Husbands.She asks Raj to help write her sci-fi movie she is working on for children.

Claire is the cute bartender, that meets Howard and Raj at Stuart’s store.

On the show, he is still under the reign of his mother who loves to treat him as her baby boy, even though he is more than grown up and has even made many achievements in science.

Penny introduces him to Bernadette in the third season, a fellow waitress at The Cheesecake Factory.

He begins to flirt with her, and offers to let her drive the Mars Rover he is looking after!

Stephanie ends up falling for Leonard, to which Howard is very upset and angry.


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