Ps3 zing when updating games

Aside from cutting out you having to enter your name each and every time you play, this feature also stores stats for the up to 30 profiles you have saved so that Buzz can call them out. Multiple people could be playing on that one PS3, but they were only playing against each other to represent that one character. Here, you can have any combination of eight people online.

It can be eight people on eight different PS3s, seven people on one PS3 and one person on another, and so on in these head-to-head battles.

Rather than take your accrued points with you into the final round, they're wiped and converted into extra time.

So even if you're up by 1,000 points leading into the time-based home stretch, someone in fourth place who gets lucky with the question mix in the final round can topple you.

Your Australian/Muppet host asks you a bunch of trivia through six goofy rounds, and you use the device in your grubby little hand to buzz in for points.

That formula is intact this time around with traditional rounds such as Point Builder and Fastest Finger as well as new ones such as Boiling Point where you need to get correct answers to fill your thermometer first.

During our game I made the offhanded remark during the "Current Music" round that, "there better be a Lady Goo Goo question up in this piece" and sure enough, like magic, a Lady Gaga question appeared (Which I got wrong.

"Pretty Face" looks so much like "Poker Face" during a split-second glace.

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Yes, you can still create quizzes online and play them (as well as every other created quiz) on your system, and the DLC question packs from the first game work with the new one. Quiz World is looking to fix every problem I had with Buzz! I'll get to weigh in with my final thoughts in just a few weeks, but until then, let's see what some Buzz noobs thought of their time with the game… There seems to be a great variety of questions and the pop culture queries are right up to date. The questions were good, the pacing was quick and Buzz mixes things up enough from round to round that the participants won't get bored by the time the game is over.

I like the fast pace of the game and the visuals are pretty slick. Someone who totally sucked it up the entire game can magically win in the end, which seems a little unfair to the people that performed well in previous rounds. My only complaint is about the way each match ends.

The new Buzz is the same as it ever was, which isn't a bad thing; in fact, it's a very good thing.

The questions still range from the super-easy to extremely hard.


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