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Love is her morning, her night, her struggle, her pain, her goal, her future. The Agency, which has clients from Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties, has very little online presence other than a blog/diary she writes ( about her thoughts on love.

We are confident that we will be able to help you find a match no matter what.

“I realized I could help singles by giving them hope,” she said.

“Love,” she said, “means everything to me.” Love is also her curse. You will not find an algorithm or an app at The Agency. “We had such a perfect family – from the outside looking in,” she said.

For someone whose career depends on figuring out the mysteries of love, finding love for herself remains such a mystery. She runs The Agency, a service for the well-to-do, who, when it comes to love, usually don’t. We need to live.” For a membership fee of between ,500 and ,000 (usually paid by men of substantial means), she will introduce people she believes are compatible – based solely on her own notions of who should be with whom. You will find no swiping of your phone screen to the left or to the right. “I call my family the pretty picture.” But her parents got a divorce. Her first job was at Great Expectations, a video dating service.

“I wanted to be the best matchmaker in Orange County.” She had a difference of opinion with management, and that job didn’t last either. The Agency launched in July 2013 with a lofty goal.

She wanted her matchmaking to lead to 200 marriages.


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