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This study explores the links between human and dog personality traits, their matching, the human-dog relationship, and dyad performances of handlers and working dogs belonging to the canine unit of the Paris Firefighters Brigade.

Using a repeated searching task in a training field, we evaluated the performances of 14 dyads using three parameters: searching speed, searching precision and speed improvement of the dyad.

Together, our team leaders hold a combined 90 years of experience.

We have taken the best of the industry and forgotten the rest, literally.

Also, and equally important, write down the traits you do not want in your significant other.

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After spending time together and getting to know each other, you will know that Precision Dating is right for you and a great first step in finding that truly special someone.Improving operational performances of working dog–human dyads is receiving more and more attention.Despite this interest, the associations between human personality, dog personality, dog-human personality matching and dyad performances have rarely been addressed.The professional matchmaking team at Precision Dating is very good at bringing out the best in each and every person that joins, our happiness is your happiness.Simply put, if you are looking for a great relationship, with a great person, then you have come to the right place!Precision Dating is the kind of service that not only matches quality singles with other quality singles, but also provides some sort of personal benefit to each individual that joins.It doesn't matter how old you are or how far along in life you are, what matters is that you live a good life.Not only did I come out of the appointment with a new perspective, but she's already set me up on three great dates (I don't think I had three good dates in my life before that!) Anyways, I highly recommend the place, in particular, Mariah...she's the real deal! – Hello Mariah I would like to thank you so much for all you and your team at Precision Dating have done for me.Research proves healthy relationships start and end with communication. It gives a man the feeling of being a "lower-ranking male." Being No. Men, if you become upset with the conversation, use a neutral tone, and say "Lets try to clarify what the main issue is to avoid confusion." Sometimes, men can misunderstand what women say since men are very literal.Notably, it is difficult to have any connection if you don't know how to communicate with others - mainly the opposite sex. Part of it is biological and part of it is learned. 2 to anyone is not a man's dream, per se, and we don't want to insult his manhood. Women find it easy to switch from topic to topic (since we can easily switch from left brain to right). Men, if you find yourself in this situation, discuss it with her and tell her that it is easier to understand each others' message if she sticks to one topic at a time. Ladies, when you need to say something directive to a man, say it slowly, clearly and calmly. It is likely that you are talking about two different things.


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