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That suggests that millions of people are dipping their toes into the polyamorous lifestyle. Open recently revealed that 14.06 percent of its 105,600 U. members lived in the Sunshine State of California, making […] New studies have found that one in five Americans have participated in an open sexual relationship.With those odds, there’s a good chance your neighbor, your colleague, even your babysitter have all dipped their toes in the polyamorous lifestyle.

You can either become a standard member for .95, which allows you access to those locked doors for 30 days, or you can opt for the upgrade to premium membership.

In fact, there's a whole niche of porn dedicated to this private life viewing.

It's kind of ironic to think that now that so much of our lives happen online, people are choosing to watch real-life interactions to get off. While I know it's a far cry from this, I sort of understand the inclination.

That being said, if celebrities choose to put their lives on television for money, I have no problem watching them and making fun of their ridiculous behavior.

But hey, I do the same with the penguins at the zoo.


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    Bei Adult haben wir tausende Artikel und Mitglieder-Blogs, die sich Sex und Sex-Treffen widmen.

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    She'd also been lauded for her roles in Mean Girls and Wedding Crashers, but then decided to take some time out.