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If the girl is already married (some photos are used for years) or doesn’t wish to be involved (even though she is compensated generously for meetings with men at the rate of /hour, while daily wages in the country are around -15), then the man is told that his date had to urgently go to funerals, an overseas business trip, or to look after a sick relative in the countryside.

I can tell you with surety: NO woman wants to write letters for months.There must be a lot of guys with a delirious sense of reality, because otherwise half of Ukrainian dating sites wouldn’t even exist.If you have ever looked at sites presenting “Ukrainian women seeking marriage”, find out beforehand how a lot of them work.Job ads of Ukrainian international marriage agencies on recruiting portals explain the mechanics of their work in obvious details: The pretty young girls from photos are not interested in spending their nights sending love stories to aging men from America, I can assure you.They are normal young women who enjoy clubbing, shopping, and dating local guys, while you may be thinking for hours what to write in response to a letter you received, which had her picture attached.When you are awake and finished your job, she is probably already asleep in bed, and if you wake her up, you are going to hear some non-pleasantries.If you have no idea what is the time at her home town right now, you are probably not in a real relationship.Paying for each message or chat can only give you the flawed PPL model, where people communicate with you because they earn money on it.You cannot create a relationship while you are paying someone to talk to you, period.To avoid detection, there may be up to 30-40 variants of words in every sentence, so it’s never repeated quite the same: One of distinct features is the frequent use of the person’s name or nickname (dear, honey, etc.).They also often ask questions, and then (without discussing your answer) immediately go into telling you about their view on the matter, so you feel as if there is some meaningful conversation.


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