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The encompanying cultural enclosure eventually lead to the Hays Code.The Hays Code, the predecessor to the moderb MPAA, censored film, including nudity.

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Ives adds: “We try and keep the system side of reviews as light as possible and focus on conversations.

We see ourselves very much in the relationship business and in order to deliver a good system we have to have good, motivated people.” The organisation also runs a Team Awesome recognition programme, which is an online programme where employees can recognise each other when they are spotted ‘living’ the employer’s values.

Ives says: “That’s had a remarkable impact on our engagement and motivation.” For instance, the organisation’s engagement score increased in 2012 from 39% in 2011 to 51% in 2012.

This implicitly can defy cultural notions of what is sexual and erotic.

P2P collaborative platforms create new conceptualization of what porn artifacts are, especially in virtual world.


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