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Single parenting is probably one of the toughest jobs any person could have.

Whether you’re a single mother or a single father doesn’t matter, you are bound to face some challenges on your journey of raising your child or children alone.

Having friends or extended family members willing to help can alleviate many challenges being faced. Responsibility overload as a single mother means you are the one making all the decisions and making sure your child’s needs are being met.

Juggling work, the household and parenting can feel like a large mountain to climb but by asking for help from extended family or friends might turn that mountain into a hill. has access to many grants, and can find grants through the federal government, state government, as well as accessing the private sector, colleges and businesses.

Regardless of your reasons for being a single parent, we hope to provide you with information, advice, tips and support to help you navigate the challenges of parenting a child alone.

Start by exploring some of our popular single parenting articles and please leave us your comments and feedback.

In the case of a divorce, if you were previously a stay-at-home mom during the marriage, you may not have a job and the financial support you receive from your ex-husband might not be enough. Alternatively, if you would like to further your education and obtain a degree, you can apply for a government grant or scholarship.A site with the name Single Parent indicates members are all single parents. There are actually quite a few members that are, unfortunately, just looking for sex. Some women that desperately seek any type affection sign-up for Single Parent in an attempt to get whatever they can get.This site also lacks enough members in many areas of the United States.There are far too many locations where it’s slim pickens.And the towns that are well represented usually have a low percentage of members that are worth meeting.We haven’t spoken to anyone that has had success on here, nor have we. So there’s probably that lucky 5% of site members that find a long-term relationship with a great guy/gal on Single Parent Unfortunately, we believe it’s mostly luck when someone does.Single mothers often put themselves second to their children and neglect their own emotional needs.It is crucial as a single parent to ensure you do not neglect your own needs as you are the sole care taker.There are many websites available about single parenting advice where you can reach out for information and support.Sharing single parenting experiences through discussion boards, blogs and forums will make you feel you are not alone.


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