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It’s the name of Paul Simon and Edie Brickell daughters too. This chic and powerful name is moderately popular in Samoa.

It has been in the top 1000 baby names for over 15 years.

It involves carving patterns on wooden blocks, inking them, and then pressing them onto the fabric.

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You can shorten the name to Mana, which means ‘spiritual power’.

It comes from the Hebrew name Tamara, which means ‘date palm tree.’ The final ‘a’ in this name gives it a sensual Slavic tone. This would make a nice alternative to Lolita for them.

Arihi is a lovely rhythmic name, meaning ‘kind and noble.’ People with this name are supposed to be compassionate, caring and dignified. It means ‘earth mother.’ You have plenty of nickname options for this one like Ronal, Ron, Rona, and Rongo. Lalago means ‘chief’s pillow or the prophet’s staff.’ For the nickname, you can go with Lai or Lola.

Not the most pleasant meaning (rival), but the name definitely sounds beautiful.

You can use Emere as a short form for Emelia, Emeline, or Emily.


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