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Everyone at Special Bridge understands what it is like to be judged based on appearances, making it easier for everyone to relax and speak freely.For many years, the standard thinking was to deny people with special needs the ability to have a healthy romantic and social life.Online dating can help to eliminate social anxiety by allowing initial meetings to take place in a virtual space.Those living with Down Syndrome may be worried about how the outside world perceives them, and online interactions remove the looks and stares that come from unsupportive onlookers.Meeting new people can be difficult, even in special education classrooms and workshops for the developmentally delayed.Typically, these groups are very small, and the different degrees of mental ability vary widely, making it hard for young men and women to find someone that they can relate to on a personal and romantic level.

Special Bridge is the natural progression of how online dating can be used by people with special needs to improve their social skills while meeting new people in a controlled and supportive setting.

You see I have become a personal help desk to support to my Dad and all his cronies in their quest for love online.

When the volume of calls became too overwhelming, I put together this manual to help individuals avoid and troubleshoot some of the technical challenges they face when they venture into online dating sites.

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He is everything to me and he treats me with respect and dignity. I hope everyone on here has the same faith in finding a soul mate as I did.


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    These are the three basic elements that make our conversations interesting. But, with the advancements in technology —specifically, NLP — AI-powered chatbots are now able to understand both language and intent. One the main challenges that chatbots face is trying to understand the several ways in which humans express themselves using natural language. Given that there are so many components deeply rooted in expressing ourselves, how could a chatbot (more specifically a piece of software) decode what we are expressing?