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The good news is that men and women look for sex online in about equal numbers, so your odds of finding someone suitable for you should be pretty good, whether you're male or female, however this is all dependant on your profile, how attractive it is to the opposite sex, it is after all up to them to want to meet up with you.

If after browsing our Visitors Area and seeing what the Club offers, you still clicked on this question, consider this ...

Members browse each others complete profiles in the Members area and make up wishlists which we facilitate.

Once someone is interested in meeting you and you are also keen, you will then advise us whether we should give that person your e-mail address or your cell number to make initial contact, that is the only time your details will be handed out and only with your permission, this is our way of facilitating the introduction, thus ensuring your discretion.

Are those the types of people you would want to meet ?

Hence this question, lol :) We cater for everyone, from 30's through to 70's.


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