Online dating for teens 13 and older

Friendship and all its nuances of reciprocity can be exhausting for an Aspergers teenager, even though she wants it more than anything else. Many teens with Aspergers with their average to above average IQs can sail through grammar school, and yet hit academic problems in middle and high school.

They now have to deal with four to six teachers, instead of just one.

The likelihood that at least one teacher will be indifferent or even hostile toward making special accommodations is certain.

The Aspergers student now has to face a series of classroom environments with different classmates, odors, distractions and noise levels, and sets of expectations. Pain, loneliness and despair can lead to problems with drugs, sex and alcohol.

A high school term paper or a science fair project becomes impossible to manage because no one has taught the Aspergers teenager how to break it up into a series of small steps. Yet the hormonal changes of adolescence coupled with the problems outlined above might mean that an Aspergers adolescent becomes emotionally overwhelmed. Males often act up by physically attacking a teacher or peer.

Even though the academic stress on an Aspergers adolescent can be overwhelming, school administrators may be reluctant to enroll him in special education at this late point in his educational career. They may experience "melt down" at home after another day filled with harassment, bullying, pressure to conform, and rejection.

Teens with Aspergers may neglect their hygiene and wear the same haircut for years.An Aspergers adolescent may have a fully developed female body and no understanding of flirtation and non-verbal sexual cues, making her susceptible to harassment and even date rape. Bullying is a big challenge in the lives of many teens with Aspergers.Because of their unusual behavior, they tend to attract bullies and are less likely to report this than their peers.Males forget to shave; females don't comb their hair or follow fashion. Aspergers adolescents are often more immature than their peers and may be naive when it comes to puberty and sexuality.If they have not been taught about sex, they may pick up information from pornographic material. These include a lack of eye contact during conversation and body language that conveys a lack of interest.The adolescent is not hampered by their body language and lack of eye contact when chatting online and they can build some strong friendships.• Alternative friends groups can be of great benefit to adolescents with Aspergers and can often be arranged by their school.Suicide and drug addiction become real concerns, as the adolescent now has access to cars, drugs and alcohol.If moms and dads are aware of potential problems, they can help their teenager by providing solutions that will help him to cope.• Pets can become a valued companion to Aspergers adolescents.Dogs in particular are accepting and loving and are generally relaxed around people with Aspergers.


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