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This included both course students and guest master’s students.50% of the students came from programmes of study at Norwegian universities.UNIS is the world’s northernmost higher education institution, located in Longyearbyen, at the High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard (78º N).UNIS offers high quality courses at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level in Arctic Biology, Arctic Geology, Arctic Geophysics and Arctic Technology. Last week scientists from University of Bergen and UNIS completed the first scientific cruise in the new national research programme Nansen Legacy.For the love of God, people – put a piece of tape over your computer’s camera.In recent episode of REAL FUTURE by Fusion, journalist Kevin Roose proves that hacking isn’t just a trick you see in the movies.One of those credentials was Roose’s 1Password login, which is where he stored virtually every login and password he uses online.

We simply don’t recognise them.7 June 2018 In 2017, 794 students from 45 nations spent shorter or longer periods at UNIS.It seems like your team has given this whole system a lot of thought from the perspective of those who use and manage it.Clever Badges have been a game changer for our K-2 teachers because it has given them a more efficient access point with our youngest students.That “certificate installer” gave Tentler access to Roose’s computer.From there, Tentler created fake popups that asked Roose for specific credentials.Websites that let you chat on video have become more popular than ever because it gives users the chance to randomly chat with another person through their webcams while keeping their personal information discrete.Not only that, it gives people a chance to visually see who they are chatting with so that no one can mispresent themselves.Tentler then set up a bogus Squarespace account and emailed Roose a message that looked like it came directly from the admins at Squarespace.The email said that because of a recent security threat (ha) Roose needed to update his SSL security by installing a certificate.I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with Clever Badges.Generating a new badge for a new student was as simple as clicking a button.


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