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This is possible because we use Wi Fi to call each other, so it doesn’t cost us anything at all, However, as both Rian and I are observant Jews, we keep the Sabbath, which forbids us from using our phones for 25 hours.

In addition to this, the time difference means that I cannot speak to Rian from Friday evening until Sunday morning.

We overcome these obstacles by staying on the call with each other even while the other person is busy.

We have only started doing this recently but it is an amazing feeling to know that Rian is always there for me, even when I’m in class, or he’s playing video games, or working.

Though we are dying to meet each other, there are aspects to the long distant relationship that make it better, in some respect, than non LDR.

Although he told me he had to go to the store anyway, a few months later he admitted that his sole purpose of going, was so that he had an excuse to send me a private message.

One month later, at exactly pm, on the 25th of December, 2014, Rian mustered up the courage to tell me that he liked me, and I admitted to liking him as well, and thus our long distant relationship began.

I face a lot of difficulties being in a LDR, the most significant one being, that I am constantly missing Rian.

I know that I will never take Rian for granted, and that I will not give him up for anything in this world.

We have (so far) gone through almost 8 months of long distance, and that gives me confidence, knowing that nothing can separate us, not even the fact that we are physically separated.


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