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    Santoah Knmar Baao, Miniattr for Civil Hefeoee Cc Hwdtnatton replyinit ac:ne Party in the Central Legialataia ra-elaatad lir. Jlo Hi^ ■■ iti leadert tllr Yaaila Kbai» wm clened lie Bc n at a ry. Viceroy's Council, pieeidinc over ihe AIMte Hgioii H* Canibvenee in New Miii, ol^rred : *Tu thie great lamd of Maimauul-Bahfvia, uo Uv of re Narione mutt ba a tangible truth, too glorioua to mim. 1 r*aoa aid aaaitvo aad iaor aiubib aaita to aibod to aa I Iba-a Uf aad aabatbi. ia Naa IMi ma aanoft atbar rcadtaibaa **Tbb larrtbg vifb bf Ibjiba Obiir « laayair laid taaabi bj tba Oblt i a a aa i t dtaiaafy Ka M |»rba Mtia to Dmrm lull lo d ladb aaboniait all ladbaa toaiodtan Ibt aarb^ tht dnto^ to Itoa ap la tba awbad Imai aaaltiai to Mbai/ Tba aiiaiiaif aba O o f ai aan at af nratnal la iaiaitdtolalf nba«a tbiaa tobva Mi wa Jmot aad tbaa labaat ibair fall aaaiaiha far iuabilblac fto Ub af tba Hanb b MUPil litodo ir«baa) Maa bald aadrf tba ,tifiibai4il|i •i M '» dtoa Hiaba, aaa aaa if^attoa la tba taanalita Maall alaai ftoai oatda Ml oa Iba Mibb tfa f a wn ani i *io aaaai O tlba ■ii ler arcd to form a Natl Mal Guveniinriit in ilte |»roeifif«e providea Che Cmmre§§ nanod to co-openita In the I roaeeuttoii of the war. ifti T the Finanoe Mttnber'a reply to the Are dayn' debate on the tnututit tor con Mideraiion of Uie Firianre Kll. 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It l Oiit Bfncfa on April 0, when the nation tnauautaird a i»nii*riq|riit ntai*a airttggle lor the r^rcna of its many and urievoua wnni^a the attattimrni o( Puma Swara T The Naiiotial week Itaa ataaya hern matk«Hl by iha remaal of our geueiat determina Aion to acitiere the Koal of itimplete indri ettdrnee and Mf* i urilic«tigii Uirou|;b the tnietiaive carrying out of ihe rimai Miriive ptogrniu Be. again «wme nyt Mort the Houae when certain amendnienta were aduptiii gn me ren'ouintmtiaiiua of Hia Kxcelleni y the iiorerttor. if any British Indian Province is not prepaird to accept thr eoii Hiitiition so fismed, it will reisiii its present coiislitul Umal position and His Majesty's Government will agree to the negotis- tion of a nt w 4-oiisiiiuiion giving such iion-sccrg h'tily : hot whether or iitu a Slate elects to adhere to the new i‘OOHritu*:un, a reviaiou of its tresty ariac|:rnfeiit« so far as ilds may be required in the n^'W siui Hrio R will be Uegiiit Ht^^.. 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BIr Bikender Hyet Khan, Premier of the Punjab, in a s Ufemeel lo the Press, aaid : **Ub bdialf of the mdlani people of the Pnoish-ths Bword Arm m Indla^l warmly reciprocate the aenttments expreased by Od, Johnson and lequeel him to convey to President Roosevelt and the gt^t and freedmn lonng people of the United Btetct our eordiel grectingp end nnahekeble determination to stand by the united netious. an uafalteriag faith ia our Anal rictoff.** «-87 MIL *42 ] CHRONICLE OF EVEKTB 77 te th» lodl MI 1 li. and may make auob lurtber ordera aa apywara to that Oororameiil to bo nocoatary or expedient in eonnottion with tba reqiii* dtloa Uig : ptoeidod tbat no proporty naed for the puryxioa of religiout irorahin and no jproporty aa io lafenad to in Rule 66 or in Hula 72 aball be reqniaitionod aader tbio Rule." 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The Oovcinment of India published the added Rule 27 A of tbe Defence of India Rules.— 'I be new rules contained provisiona rloaelv parallel to Iboae of a similar rignlf Oion in the United Kingdom and also iochiilcd ccruin powers that might he Hal'd agsinat unlawful Associations under tbe Oriminal loiw (Amendment) Act.— new 1 defence of India Rule provided that *'iio person absll (a) manage or assist ill msitagiog any organixaiion to which tbit rule applies ; (b) promote or assist in prt^moiing a meeting of any members of such an organitalion or attend any siieb mteiing in any catmiiy ; (c) publish any noiico or adveniie- meui relating to any inch meeting ; iiited brad of the Indian Purebaaing Miaalon in aucceaaioii to dir Sbanmiikliam. war and ronqiieat) it of courta important ae neceaeary pro«nd*|»Ian of bietory.