Nadia bjorlin dating history updating a garmen

She began another dramatic affair with the famous American actor, Bruce Willis in 2002.

It’s true that she dated the actor who was 25 years older than her.

The happy couple’s first dance was to Otis Redding’s “That’s How Strong My Love Is” sung by bridesmaid Tia Simone.

Wolfgang Puck catered the dinner and DJ Ryan Kenney hosted the after party.

The couple read their own vows, which they admitted they prepared at the last minute.Grant’s company, The Grand Bevy, is known for its elaborate bar setups at posh events, so the groom actually made most of the decisions.“He picked the colors for the bridesmaids dresses and even the flower girl dresses,” Nadia says. “He picked the cake, the color and everything, so it will be a surprise to me,” she said before she tied the knot.Being single, she had no reason to celebrate the holiday, but her friend Dilson Schild convinced her to come to a dinner party at his Hollywood Hills home.At the last minute Grant was asked by the caterer to host the party.The wedding cake he chose was a unique pink ombre color -- it is dark pink on the bottom and fades to white on the top.“He does have spectacular taste if I says so myself,” Nadia told us. ” But there was one point where she stopped him in his tracks.The flower girl was Michelle Stafford’s daughter, Natalia, and Susan Ward’s son was the ring bearer.Dilson’s son, Jason, pulled a flower wagon with his brother Adrian who was the flower boy.“I used to be kind of cynical and didn’t believe people who said ‘When you know, you know.’ Now I’m one of those people,” Nadia tells us.And so the beautiful Swedish/Persian princess and the Irish hunk fell in love on Valentine’s Day. Grant’s best man was his oldest brother Kris Turnbull.


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