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When Cory for ran against Sharpe the first time, James's campaign people started gay rumors about Booker. TV reports say Cory discovered the fire returning home with his "security detail." One of them was interviewed. Jim Mc Greevey's detail drove him to turnpike rest stops and waited until he was finished doing the nasty.The rumors continued during the second run when Cory defeated Sharpe. I follow him on twitter and he responded once to some jerk who asked him straight out if he was gay.Maybe you’ll meet because she made fun of you and your city on her hit television show. ” Let’s back up a little: On her show “The Mindy Project,” Dr. I love seeing on Twitter when someone says I’m gay, and I say, ‘So what does it matter if I am? I hope you’re not voting for me because you are making the presumption that I’m straight.’ ” Booker reportedly dated Hollywood lawyer Bianca Levin in 2013 and Instagram poet Cleo Wade in 2016.Mindy Lahiri, played by star Mindy Kaling, quips about Sen. I'm guessing his real preference is for white women, which his constituents would not approve of either. Sorry I'm not buying the white women preference thing because it doesn't mesh with a number of studies/polling data showing that around 90% of blacks approve of interracial relationships. He started whisper campaigns about Booker being gay and he still lost.If his preference is interracial dating, then he should be allowed to date whomever he wants. And around 60% of blacks have been in an interracial relationship. If he were gay, the black northern NJ politicians would have outed him by now. And if he suspected that Corey was dating white women he would have started rumors about that too if he thought it would help him win. Booker was raised in a religious household, and his family attended a small African Methodist Episcopal Church in New Jersey.

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After only four years on the city council, Booker ran for mayor in 2002, but lost.

He failed because Booker's old lady neighbors in the projects wouldn't allow strangers in to plant "evidence." James is so dumb, he probably didn't consider the White Woman Dodge because he was dating white women himself (or wanted to) and didn't see a problem with that.[quote]FWIW, I was one of the people here who wondered if Mc Greevey was gay months before his "gay American" speech. Was Mc Greevey talked about as being gay on DL before he came out? I worked in Newark for 35 years as a municipal employee.

EVERYONE knew that Sharpe James was on the down low.

Plus, if you were closeted politician, the last thing you want is any connection to LGBT issues and he seems to actively support them.

That Mc Greevy was gay seemed to be an open secret and not one person has provided any remotely credible info, especially since the guy is surrounding by cops who see his every move.


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