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Insertion of the gene trap vector in exon 1 is shown.c Western blot illustrating knock-out of the two brain specific RICH2 isoforms in whole brain lysate of RICH2 mutant mice.

Sites for initiation of transcription are marked by triangles and stop codons are marked by asterisks.

A gene-dosage effect by knock-out of a single copy of RICH2 in heterozygous mice can be seen by a decreased immunoreactive signal in comparison to the whole brain lysate of wild type mice.

To confirm specificity of RICH2 bands, recombinant myc-RICH2, overexpressed in NIH-cells was detected by myc- as well as RICH2-antibody at similar molecular weight.

This mechanism is implicated in learning and memory formation as it is ultimately altering the number and distribution of receptors and proteins at the post-synaptic membrane, thereby regulating synaptic input.

The Rho-family GTPases play an important role in regulating this spine plasticity by the interaction with cytoskeletal components and several signaling pathways within the spine compartment.


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