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Pet took to her feline role quite well as we moved through our day. " "I want to feel owned by you I want to feel protected by you." She offers her neck to me. "Thank you Master." Is all she says calming down now.Mia got home in the early evening after we unpacked we sat down to dinner as we swap stories. " "Yes come along little kitty." I take her to the bed room as I take off all her gear I place it in her draw. I grab the back neck and pull her to stand with me I place the collar on the bed. I want you to know that." She is looking at the collar on the bed, turn her face to look at me. I sit with her on my lap briefly until she is settles.I want all of you to know that you should not be afraid to speak when I ask." Pet sits next to me as Trixie swallows me into her throat. "I want you to give Trixie some direction on what I like." "Yes Master." She places her hand on Trixie's head just like Mia had done to her and began to guide her motions.

"Good morning Master thank you for last night I have never felt that good in my life." I hug her. Now let's get some food in you." We eat as Pet tells me how happy she was and asking when we can to do it again.

"You are going to get my attention today and maybe some from Mia and Six as well." I take her to the bed and position her to wait for me, I grab the rope I picked out for this tying her wrist to her ankles. " She tries to move briefly before answering "I don't think I can move at all Master." I place her on my lap "Good. With another tiny naked woman tied helpless on my lap her little form moaning at my touch.

Then I tie her ankles to her thighs I wrap her up in rope until she is curled up with a rope handle on her back. As I look around and take this all in and I find it funny how nothing seemed strange about this whole meal.

After we eat we all go out for a walk around our property Six on Mia's leash as I carry Pet.

We walk around as I gently swing Pet, as she giggles slightly with each swing. I bounce Pet on my lap for close to twenty minutes before Mia grabs a vibe and passes to Six.


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