Master and slave chatting sites

;) It's generally frowned upon to continue using potentially offensive terminology when there are vastly better alternatives available.Reading stuff like "here are the steps I had to take to get my slave running" makes my skin curl. What's wrong with calling the coordinating machine the "testing server", and the various machines that help run tests "testing clients"?B) "Male" and "female" aren't inherently sexist or oppressive terms.

If I were to have had a horrible experience in a town called Drupal as a child, perhaps several people, would we rename Drupal? Computers have no bad history associated with the word.Slave is a computer term (as you know) and used in cases like this. If this is gonna cause the world grief then I can change, but otherwise just to be "politically correct" is more annoying to me. First convince all hardware manufacturers and retailers to stop labelling their cords and sockets by the grossly un-PC terms "Male" and "Female".Then get photographers and graphic artists to remove the clearly racist words "Black" and "White" from their vocabulary.Since the servers receive "jobs" from the testing master server and perform them they don't behave like the normal client-server model describes (at least what I understand/hear of it).Client-server where client makes requests and does stuff and server preforms back-end stuff (, webserver, chat...) I personally dislike the "politically correct" phase that has hit the world (or maybe just the United States).There is no connotation nothing against anyone when the term slave is used, just people choose to interpret it that way. Either way I refer to it in my blog posts as such and would be rather annoying to have to change it.I still didn't manage to write a README for it because I encountered some packaging issues: as a result if you use angular-cli it will probably work only in AOT mode at the moment.You can find some usage examples here Mode 1: this mode we only do multiple selection, activated by a press event and with a projected confirmation button.Yes, I'm "that guy" who doesn't laugh at homophobic jokes and brings people to task when they dredge that crap up and leave a steaming pile of it in the middle of my life.There's nothing wrong with being against oppression (in any of its forms), oppressive language, or terminology and practices in our community that are hostile or offensive to some other part of it.


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