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It’s also no coincidence that WWE decided to create the Divas Championship merely months after her debut.She became a big hit with the WWE Universe over the next few years which culminated in her winning her first Divas Championship, and in the process becoming the first ever French-Canadian Diva to hold the belt.Lee's record was then surpassed by Nikki Bella’s 301 day run in 2015.Maryse also held the record as the first Diva to win the title twice, but this record was quickly beaten since AJ Lee who now holds the record as a three time Champion.Maryse and Miz were never a part of WWE programming together and were never given a storyline so that the duo could bask in the spotlight together, but they still managed pose for photos wearing his shirt.There were rumours back in 2015 that Maryse could be making a return to WWE to be a part of story lines concerning her husband, but nothing has been confirmed as of now.One of the reasons for her success was because she adopted a pose where she would put either one or both of her hands out as a way to tell fans to back off.

As you're about to see, with her looks, it's easy to see why the WWE didn't want to let her go.

Maryse was one of the most popular WWE Divas during her time with the company, and is still considered to be in the top five voted for women to make a return to the company some day.

This could be due to the fact that she is absolutely stunning and she was a talented in-ring performer, but it could also be due to the fact that she had an incredible accent, being that she was French-Canadian and hailed from Montreal, Quebec.

Maryse then lifted the title again in 2010, becoming the first ever Diva to have held the championship twice, another record that had a lengthy span.

After she dropped the Championship to Eve Torres, Maryse noticeably became less and less active on WWE’s main roster and instead had made the switch to NXT.


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