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Mary Winkler Sentenced to 210 Days June 8, 2007A Tennessee judge sentenced Mary Winkler to 210 days incarceration for her voluntary manslaughter conviction.

Winkler will get credit for time she served in jail before she made bond, leaving only 60 days that she will actually be incarcerated.

11, 2007A Tennessee woman who served only 67 days after she was convicted of shooting her minister husband is now petitioning the court to get her children back.Tennessee Pastor Slain, Family Missing March 22, 2006A Tennessee church pastor was found shot to death after he failed to show up for Wednesday night services and a statewide Amber Alert has been issued for his missing wife and three young daughters.EXCERPT: Not even the preacher himself knew why he lay dying on the bedroom floor with 77 shotgun pellets in his back. In early 2005, Matthew took his first job as a pulpit preacher with Selmer's Fourth Street Church of Christ. Matthew Winkler realized that his wife, Mary, had fired the blast that knocked him out of their bed, according to statements Mary Winkler gave police. He and Mary pulled up roots they'd had in Mc Minnville for the last three years while Matthew had worked there as a youth minister, and said goodbye to friends. EXCERPT: SELMER - The final year of Matthew and Mary Winkler's marriage brought the young couple the challenges of adjusting to a new job, new responsibilities and a new baby in a new place. Minister's Wife Indicted for Murder June 12, 2006A substitute elementary school teacher and the wife of a minister who was found shot to death in the church parsonage has been indicted for first-degree murder, meaning that authorities believe that she planned to kill Matthew Winkler, 31.Pastor's Wife Charged with First-Degree Murder March 24, 2006The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has issued an arrest warrant on first-degree murder charges for Mary Winkler, the wife of Selmer, Tennessee pastor Matthew Winkler.Mary was pregnant at the time and just weeks from giving birth to their third child, Brianna. She later told police that Matthew had ranted about administration problems he was having as the minister at Selmer's Fourth Street Church of Christ. More than twenty million copies of her books have been sold.Mary Winkler Guilty of Lesser Charge April 19, 2007A jury of ten women and two men found Mary Winkler guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the shotgun shooting death of her husband.Under state law, a conviction of voluntary manslaughter carries a sentence of three to six years, with parole possible after serving 30 percent of the sentence.


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