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) who just happens to sit next to Melodie on her flight.

Chris will be staying in a nearby town, Buford Falls, to play Santa there during the Christmas Season.

Please Note: Santa can be a little creatively naughty in his attempts to keep Melodie and Dean together.

Everything he does is relatively harmless; however, he did deserve, at times, some coal in his stocking! everyone is happy, and it is all works out for good!

Because Justin is known to choose work over Melanie, Dean often times stands in to accompany Melanie on her "dates." With a little help from a man named Chris, Melanie and Dean end up stranded in a sleepy, little romantic town called Coventry Falls. Will Chris' magic be the key to Melanie and Dean's holiday happiness? As a little girl, Melanie Hogan (Chabert) wished to find her own prince charming just like her parents found true love.

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For six seasons, Dawson and his friends grew up before our very eyes as they fell in love, endured heartbreak, graduated high school, and lived out their dreams, among other things, all while maintaining hairstyles that could only pass in the early '00s. 20, 2018, Will anyone ever get over the tragic ending Jen Lindley received after six seasons of Capeside fun?

Unless the ghost of Jen haunts her friends in a reunion that will probably never happen, it’s probably best to focus instead on Michelle Williams’ incredible film career, which has included award-winning and critically acclaimed performances in It's hard to believe Canadian bae Joshua Jackson once sported the Pacey Witter bowl cut, but 20 years later, I'm happy to bring your attention to Joshua's well-maintained, incredibly hot beard, seen on the right at a press conference for Showtime's To this day, Mary-Margaret Humes still doesn’t know why the show made Dawson’s mom marry some rando (his name is Nathan) shortly after the death of Dawson’s dad Mitch.


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