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Up till now, he has launched six best-selling albums and garnered an immense popularity.Danni Rivers is looking to rent a new house, and she found the perfect one - except for the price.But currently, they are no more associated with each other.Recently, he clubbing with a pretty girl whose name has not come at media.The five-time Grammy Award winner has an estimated net worth of million.

After detail of his personal life, the following part of this article covered a brief review of 50 Cent career.However one of the songs from the album titled It's Alright featuring Craig Mack was the soundtrack of motion picture Dangerous Minds.Timbaland and Missy worked jointly worked as a songwriter/producer. They together wrote and produced nine tracks for Aaliyah.In 1996, 50 Cent became a father of the son named Marquise Jackson from his long-term girlfriend. The judge discarded her petition and described it as ‘love affair gone sour’.Afterward, in 2009, Tompkins(his baby mother) again considered for an appeal but one more time she failed to prove any allegation.Missy Elliot is a singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer of American nationality, known best for being the part of the R&B female group named Sista. Missy grew up in an active church choir family and singing was a daily part of her life. She went to a local school in Jacksonville where Missy made many friends.She is also recognized for her singles like One Minute Man, 4 My People, Get Your Freak On. After her father returned from the Marines, they moved to Virginia.Missy has been known to have been in several lesbian relationships throughout the span of her career.She is recently known to have been married to her longtime girlfriend after being lost forms the music industry recently.Although, at the time of birth, 50 Cent was much happy to become a father.But, actually, this relationship did not last long, even their kid failed to make them united.


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