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He cleaned a warehouse, sold roses, and washed windshields (ILLEGAL in the city of Toronto, thus breaking one of his own rules) for meager sums of money.

In a final attempt to improve his earnings, Spenny bet all his money at the race track and won.

In a final stand-off in which both Kenny and Spenny had to stand in one spot for as long as possible, Kenny put itching powder on Spenny's standing spot, causing Spenny to leave his position.

Prior to the competition, Kenny visited the farm where it would take place and picked out a docile cow for himself and a skittish cow for Spenny.

Meanwhile, Kenny offered various businesses a chance to advertise on the show and made thousands of dollars.

In a role reversal, Kenny vowed not to cheat, knowing Spenny was not a comfortable cook.Kenny used an electric wheelchair at a museum to expend as little energy as possible.Spenny wanted to follow Kenny on foot wherever he went to make sure that he wouldn't cheat.Spenny, also knowing his disadvantage, decided to cheat, after getting his mother's blessing.Several chefs refused to help Spenny cheat before he found one willing to help.Spenny prepared a Moroccan duck dish designed by his chef accomplice who instructed Spenny during the competition through a hidden earpiece.In the end, the judges unanimously preferred Kenny's ribs to Spenny's undercooked duck.He enlisted the help of a friend to torture Spenny whilst he was blindfolded, but this was actually Kenny as Spenny could not tell who it was.Kenny then planted a third blindfold for Spenny to find, which tricked Spenny into thinking Kenny had taken his off.For this competition, both guys were supposed to date the same girl and let her decide who she likes better.However, Kenny arranged to have the girl date an unattractive man who pretended to be Spenny, while the real Spenny dated one of Kenny's friends. Kenny avoided wearing the blindfold for most of the competition.


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