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In one spot, Reeves rides one of his cycles down a dusty western highway, asking himself if he should make a Squarespace website for his Arch Motorcycle company.In another he sits in front of a campfire and says that most people think making a website is difficult, “but they’re wrong.” A longer form video has Reeves doing a tutorial of sort on how to make a Squarespace website."I don't know."Talking to Reeves isn't straightforward. It was also the crossroads for the narcotics trade of the Middle East. "I think my Mercutio was pretty good."It's still talked about today, I tease. By 16, he was driving eight hours to New York to sit in on acting classes at HB Studio, alma mater of Robert De Niro and Jack Lemmon. On one hand he is unfailingly polite, courteous, engaged and charming. But his answers tend towards vagaries that peter out in a single sentence, or else he'll deflect questions with a quip or a funny voice. His Essex-born mother, Patricia, met his Chinese-Hawaiian father, Samuel, there. An amateur psychologist might suggest all this self-motivation was spurred by a disruptive home life, his dad, a desire to make something of himself."Yeah, I would imagine," Reeves agrees. Definitely I wouldn't say it didn't have an impact. is being fast-tracked to start production this fall with Reeves expected to reprise his role of beleaguered hitman John Wick.

Last year, the hipster London bookshop Idea produced a range of popular "KEANU" totes and sweatshirts. Rob Lowe had a good run of it as did Charlie Sheen, as did Robert Downey Jr before being rescued by Iron Man, but none has endured the same way as Reeves. Reeves has previously said they have not spoken since he was 13. "I don't know my father that well but I think that we probably have the same kind of certain sense of humour, share a little sense of the humour, the way we look at the world.

In 1988, he took a hairpin bend too fast and lay on the pavement for half an hour thinking he was going to die. After the accidents the adrenalin kicks in, so it's not really painful. "That was pretty uncomfortable."We are talking at the Arch Motorcyle Company, the custom superbike builders Reeves co-founded with his friend Gard Hollinger, a well-known designer in the bike world, in Hawthorne, an industrial suburb south of Los Angeles. I mean, I probably should have taken more advantage but I didn't. The implication being, of course, that Reeves can't act. It's that curse: if you're a young, good-looking actor, male or female, everyone projects on you a shallow stupidity, whatever. It can take a career, a couple of decades of solid work, for them to go, 'Oh, maybe they're not as dumb as I thought…' He thinks it all matters. They're still Wyld Stallyns but now there are didgeridoos and zithers and all sorts of stuff and they've kind of lost their minds. It's the movie of the summer", The New Yorker.) Reeves did, however, draw the line at . Playing Hamlet at the Manitoba Theatre Centre, a 789-seater in Winnipeg, Canada for the standard Equity fee of less than ,000 a week. I had the training, the experience."Either way, it was an unusual career move. One group of Japanese women bought seats for 10 consecutive shows, while others flew in from Australia, China and Argentina and chanced their luck. I was there doing a scene with Horatio and I just turned to the audience and I just broke it down and said, 'Line? Another time I was doing the murder scene with Polonius — 'A rat! ' — and the dagger flew out of my hand and I had a POV of the knife as it skittled down and landed on a woman's chest. For some, the idea of Ted "Theodore" Logan tackling Shakespeare's most nuanced role was too delicious not to send up. " reviewed ranked his Hamlet among the three best they'd seen. "I'm just a normal guy, man."You're known for being a good guy in an industry not known for it."Oh!

The accident left a thick scar up his abdomen and necessitated the removal of his spleen. Reeves had already logged tens of thousands of miles on Nortons, Suzukis, a 1974 BMW 750, a 1984 Harley Shovelhead and a Moto Guzzi racer, all from his personal collection, before he approached Hollinger to make a modification to his Harley-Davidson. "He'd been around motorcycles for years and he knew what it would take [to set up a new business]. ' Then we got to know each other and over the course of it it was just like, 'Come on, man'. For a working garage, the place is as clean as a museum. Until recently, Keanu Reeves's last blockbuster was the , a sci-fi remake released in 2008. "Sometimes I call that The Day my Career Stood Still," he says. I didn't have that experience."As Reeves tells it, the first taste of global stardom came when he and a friend visited the cinema one evening, somewhere near the University of Los Angeles. I played in a band [mid-Nineties grunge act Dogstar] for a few years. You know, I was a little self-conscious about that. Or rather, that he can only play one role: himself. So, you know, I didn't clamp down on it."You don't seem much like Ted to me. Put it this way: he's the opposite of full-of-shit. So The Future comes to them and says there's going to be a cosmic event at this certain time and if they don't invent the song then all of the cosmos is going to collapse on itself. "I mean, the plot's ridiculous." His agent lobbied hard for it. Even after director Jan de Bont and Bullock doorstepped him. He learned his lines while making ," he recalls, chuckling at his own drugs joke. Nowadays, it's commonplace for actors to underline their commitment to the craft with a short run in London's West End before disappearing back to Hollywood and Hollywood money. The Winnipeg Free Press reported Reeves' arrival under the headline "Keanu Krazy" and launched a telephone hotline to register sightings. I ran down, put my hand out and she gave me back the dagger. What the director Lewis Baumander remembers, though, is his actor's dedication to the part.

But when his mood and his schedule allow, he'll head up the coast on Highway One or into the San Gabriel Mountains and the Angeles National Forest where the riding is good, or take Sunset down to the Pacific Ocean. "There have been different versions now for seven years. "Luckily that fits the story." Here, as Reeves tells it, is the story.

Or just head up to the Santa Monica Mountains and kick around for a while."It's the physical sensation of riding, the wind, the smell, the sights, the connection to the machine, the living-in-nature," he says. It's also good to go out and think a little bit, so you can get lost in the now. You're moving on the surface of the planet."As a hobby it is not without its risks. But, no: I haven't had that kind of experience."The other issue with and the Californian airhead Ted 'Theodore' Logan III whom Reeves played, was that for years people assumed they must be one and the same person. "It takes a smart person to play a dumb person effectively. "The premise is basically that Bill and Ted were told they were going to write a song that would save the world, and they haven't. So now their marriages are falling apart, they're unemployed and they've gone crazy with all the instruments. It's a jungle out there." In fact, Reeves turned his back on a rumoured .5m for a completely different gig. "I'd grown up on Shakespeare, so to have the chance to play Hamlet…


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