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It's kind of a grim film, full of bondage but the women aren't tied to anything.They just sit around tied up waiting to be slaughtered.I'm worried that GAG, the Game-show Actors' Guild (currently headed by Pat Sajak, I believe) may have caught up with him., and has an abduction theme.The woman is grabbed by a few guys, gagged and hooded, taken to a remote location, cuffed behind and chained to a bed.

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That's as much as I can tell you, based on the picture series.

Then think of the hood being pulled off leaving th' poor girl blinded by the harsh lighting ...

and the growing horror in her eyes as she takes in the interrogation room (or whatever) So the debate is about blindfolds is it?

But it squanders too many opportunities to deserve anything more than a C. Wonder Woman makeover: Personally, I'm not a superheroine fan, but even I could appreciate how well Lynda Carter filled out her costume on TV. That's why there's seldom any explicit rape scenes made anymore, and the worst treatment is going to be reserved for men.

Galt is right when he mentions what a mistake it would be to change an icon like Wonder Woman for what is perceived to be a change in today's audiences. I don't like it; I think it's stupid, but that's what sells in this day and age.


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