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They cited not wanting to get burned again and difficulty finding quality men to date, let alone marry.

We all have disappointments in life, and relationship disappointments are some of the most painful. There's nothing like lying on the floor sobbing with snot and mascara all over your face to humble you, not that I would know about such things.

Plenty Of Fish combines a horrible circa-1998 user interface with a more or less utter lack of selection criteria, so after squinting at the multitude of low-res pictures and the vaguely- or not-at-all-filled-out profiles, if your dating strategy is anything other than "whoever responds to my thousands of vague spam emails, she will I marry" (it's more of a guy thing), you realize that not only are you barking up the wrong tree, but in fact it's a coat-rack, and you should stop barking because of how you're not a dog. Two more personality disorders on my punchcard (come on, schizotypal!

Eventually I began dating again, mostly meeting potential sugarboogers online, and I found myself debating which dating site to go with. Remember: your experience may differ, though only if you look a lot like Jon Hamm, in which case, why are you on an online dating site? If you're shooting for a partner a bit higher up the evolutionary ladder (or the fish ladder), not so much. Personality disorders, OCD, bipolar -- if you want to date your way through the DSM IV (and if you're taking an abnormal psych class, there's no better way to memorize the disorders), Match not only offers, but mandates that experience.

Jaded refers to an arrogance that is structered on the "been there, done that, have that tee-shirt" mentality.Jaded is infinitely worse than cynical, if only for health reasons. A cynic will carry on living as they still have something left to fight.Additionally, a cynic can bring about change that the jaded are incapable of.Polish the surface of a jaded person and you'll find they'll come up good as new.Cynicism is a term derived from a philsophical school that questions everything without accepting immediate facts.I recently saw a very lively Facebook thread started by a popular dating coach.He got the conversation going by asking who wanted to get married and why. It was astounding how many women do not desire marriage and seem to be extremely jaded.So if you're not sure if you wrote to someone before--and remember, they're all pretty much monozygotic twins--you've got no way to find out.Since you're probably just like everyone else on the site, I expect it doesn't much matter. , if ever I get to stop dating, I think I'll miss you most of all.We all experience crushing defeat in the world of love, but it's so much better to pick yourself up and move on than it is to become jaded and bitter. We all know brittle, world-weary, snarky people and we stay guarded around them. This is the only way that you can benefit from the experience. It is merely holding on to old pain as a way of protecting yourself. Being cynical about relationships can turn into a vicious circle. There is a certain heaviness and resignation to people who are feeling discouraged and defeated. This is nowhere near as awesome as moving on and having love in your life again. Having a guarded, cynical attitude will not get you any closer to what you want. Pretending that you don't need love, that you don't care, that the only thing that matters is the avoidance of pain is playing small. They will bring love back into your heart and joy back into your life.


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