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I’m trying to find out where to notify Wendy’s head office to let them know this particular franchise is doing this. Think she meant last night😡 Reply I just left the Wendy’s on Gate City Blvd in Greensboro, NC. Reply My husband and I were just at store 31 in Kingsport, Tn.

Reply 6/30/2018: Ordered two baked sour cream and chive baked potatoes for dinner. It is unfortunate that the drink machine/ice machine wasn’t working and they were doing the best that they could. We stood there st the counter for 7 minutes, which in fast food service is laughable. Reply I read where you are supporting the Samantha B program by paying her show to allow you to advertise on it.

I worked for a major telecommunications company even before Wendy’s was in existence, so I an am “original” Wendy’s customer, and I know a little bit about customer service.

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Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s, loved the Kew Pee Burgers so much, he decided to make a similar restaurant chain.


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