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Most teleosts also have a diffuse thyroid consisting of follicles that are distributed throughout the pharyngeal region, but there is colloid in the follicles.In all other vertebrates, the follicles are organized into discrete glands and appear to function like those of mammals (see 95%) in humans and animals.The latitudinal variations in DO in the euphotic layer result in its increase from 214.3 to 294.4 μM toward the north water, but the surface waters still contain the highest DO concentration (see ).It should be emphasized that such latitudinal variations can contribute to increased biological activity due to a higher temperature and more solar radiation, which are the dominant physical factors controlling the production of phytoplankton by driving the process of photosynthesis in the ocean.One hypothesis for the origin of these primitive iodoproteins is that they first served some enzymatic or structural function and that the basic mechanism became modified into a hormonal synthetic pathway.Another hypothesis may be that these iodine-containing compounds were obtained originally from feeding activities by protochordates and later were utilized opportunistically as regulatory substances following digestion in the gut that liberated the thyronines.The enzyme TPO is responsible for iodination of tyrosine and coupling them to form TThe most primitive thyroid condition in vertebrates is considered to be that found in the adult cyclostomes in which only scattered follicles may be present.

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'iodate.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. However, iodine in the diet may combine with different components and exist as organic iodine, which may have a low uptake in the digestive tract.During the last decade the iodine supply in many countries has increased significantly, but there is still a high frequency of goiter.These specialized cells later became the follicular cells of the thyroid gland as evidenced from studies in lampreys where the iodide-concentrating cells of the endostyle of the ammocetes larva of the lamprey are reformed into follicles of the thyroid gland during metamorphosis into the adult body form.The production of extracellular colloid and its resultant accumulation in the follicular lumen do not occur in modern cyclostomes.The biological activity is significantly influenced by sunlight, and may thereby enhance the biologically mediated reduction of , and nutrient concentrations were observed between the three sampling locations.This reflects almost the same biochemical behavior at the uniform temperature at these depths.Absorption of T might have been important prerequisites for development of a regulatory role.The retention of these glycoproteins, the ability to accumulate iodide, and the formation of iodinated thyronines were acquired by certain cells of the endostyle ().In mammals, ttf-1 is necessary for development of the thyroid gland as well as of the lung, another derivative of the anterior digestive tract.Specialized cells near the opening of the endostyle of protochordates accumulate iodide from seawater and use it to iodinate tyrosines incorporated into the mucus glycoproteins secreted by these cells.


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