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Either way, it seems that the key to discovering your woman’s inner-fantasies rests with communication and understanding.

Women are different than men, of course, but they’re not as unattainable, mysterious, or complicated as we think (or as they may want us to think).

The list was compiled using actual responses from the company’s Twitter followers, so this is some advice that has been tested in the real world.

The results, both discerning and entertaining, provide better insight into that age-old question of what women want.

Ask them about their job, friendships, and other issues and then just listen.6.

Many women enjoy concert or dancing dates so they can see how their date’s dance moves might transfer to the bedroom.7.

In the midst of soaking up that defeat, did you ever stop to think that maybe you weren’t using the correct bait?

In case you need help choosing the right lure, Astroglide has compiled a list of the top 10 things women want men to know about them.

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After so many wasted attempts, you feel pretty defeated.Yes, sometimes the process of getting to know someone new can be anxiety-ridden and awkward, but the advantages can drastically compensate for the stress that it causes.But of course, if that fails, there’s always that bottle of Astroglide…1. If you want to be engaged but are still living at home, then you need make some changes.2.For men who are looking for a relationship or for those who are in the beginning stages of one, it’s important to figure out what she’s like.Asking her questions (tip #5) is a good start, beginning with her career, hobbies, and interests.Even more so, proving to your woman that you’re a secure and self-assured man provides her with a sense of stability by reassuring her of your manliness.Astroglide’s second tip lays out the basics of this law, “Women like a man to be assertive without being a jerk.They pay attention to what you wear and how you wear it.Backwards baseball caps, tight muscle shirts and saggy pants are out.They need someone to stand up for them as an equal partner.” You heard it, men: be confident, but not confident.Of course, a poll by Astroglide wouldn’t be much of a poll if it didn’t include sex.


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