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And you thought we were done with virtual storport miniport articles! This article begins to delve into what we're calling "isolation drivers".

This part of a multipart series begins by laying some groundwork for the isolation model, which we'll pick up in follow-on pieces to bring us to the conclusion that will include sample code.

This article pinpoints some particularly painful problems we came across in our own work -specific to Windows Distributed File System (DFS) and file system Redirector (RDR) components.

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There's time when we wonder how file system filter/mini-filter developers make any progress.

As such, we thought the topic was worthy of more material.

Read on to ensure you are aware of features of these objects, and their use for your next WDF driver.

Articles include: - Using Bus Interfaces for Driver to Driver Communication - The WDK Docs Improve Through Regular Releases - Understanding Evt Io Stop, Bugcheck 9F and Related SDV Errors - Load or Unload - Drive Letter Alternatives - Peter Pontificates: We Wah Heeya First ..more!

The January - February 2014 issue of The NT Insider is available exclusively in PDF format for download.


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