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For freewheeling creativity, there's nothing like Photoshop.

I was swiping away in London, when I “matched” with a spunky (that’s Australian for handsome) boy from Prague.

He was fluent in languages – Czech, German and English.

Sign up then email me at [email protected] teacher permissions.

I'll just need something to verify you're a teacher and not a spammer.

The Mixxer hosted by Dickinson College is an entirely free non-profit website hosted by Dickinson College.

We were having quite a good time chatting, when he proposed moving onto Skype.

I live in London in the UK and I’m learning German.

Chances are, there are plenty of German speakers in London. I could spend hours flicking through Tinder, hoping by chance that I’ll encounter a German speaker who has then matched with me.

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