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In an effort to save face and protect their fragile self-esteem, these males may blame others for things that they should take responsibility for themselves. People around them assume that they are simply ill-tempered or prefer their own company. Many AS males often desire friends, but may also be considered loners.

Typically they have a much lower capacity for social interaction than a “typical” man. Many AS men have learned to lie to help them cope with life.

They will be passionate about it and often have an extensive collection of related items as well as incredible knowledge on the subject. Although AS males are often highly intelligent, they may have held down a menial job or drifted from job to job for years.

Oh, and I'm the daughter and grand-daughter of Spectrumites too.

Hearing may also be affected, and he may dislike loud noises and certain music.

Also, crowds may be overwhelming, and he may avoid them all together. Sexual issues may arise if the AS male has not received an appropriate sex education earlier in life.

Who knows-maybe Aspergers is the evolution of our species. For me, love and joy and art and music are more important than anything else.

If I had parents or other family members or friends I could rely on for love and emotional support in my life, perhaps I could stand this marriage. We have been to 3 different marriage counselors, I have been to counseling alone, and I have read dozens of books (he has read none as the only problem he sees is my dissatisfaction with him!


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