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This barbaric and horrible acts continue to flourish in several other African countries.In fact, I have written several articles and stories about commercial sex tourism in the past but the sad thing is that, not so many people took me serious. Because several poor countries in Africa lack child protective laws, pedophiles and perverts around the globe are turning Africa into a child molesting paradise where they come in their numbers to molest young boys and girls.This made its mark mainly on the boys’ chart as Reggie and Ronnie, famous first names of the Kray twins, steadily climbed.But its influence was also felt on parents’ choices for girls, with Violet, mother of the Kray twins, and Nancy, the tragic gangster’s moll in Oliver Twist, gaining popularity.And, while the remainder of the top five – Lily, Emily, Amelia and Sophia – have been playing musical chairs since 2016, there were no new entries to the coveted top spots.Further afield, the girls’ top 20 welcomed three new entries as Evelyn moved up six places and Phoebe and Aria just edged in to push out Chloe, Alice and Scarlett, which plummeted 12 places to number 30.Or is Harper Beckham continuing to influence Baby Centre mums and dads?Whatever the answer, Harper is just one of a rising number of gender-neutral names, which also includes Harley and Quinn.

Because of the extreme poverty levels within these coastal communities, poor young boys and of school-going are out of school and are easily lured into the booming commercial sex tourism whereby pedophiles from all around the world come to lure these poor young childen with money and gifts and sexually molest them.According to the Kenyan leaders, tourism is booming and it is all "good". This is what the world often gets to know while the reality hides under the dark shadows of the wicked one.The "diaper" market continues to boom near the coastal waters of Kenya but the sad truth is that, not so many people know why all of a sudden, almost everybody is buying diapers in the coastal towns of Kenya today."A survey we conducted shows that boys engaging in sexual activities with male tourists are buying pampers because they can no longer hold their stool" Joshua Nkanatha, the Malindi sub-county Kenyan police commissioner.Note: Malindai is a resort town on the outskirt of Nairobi, the Kenyan Capital which attracts Tourists from within but mostly from outside Africa.A recent study conducted by the Kenyan police reveals a shocking correlation between the booming sales of diapers within these coastal communities and commercial sex tourism. The poor sexually abused boys replied that, because of the sexual acts they engage themselves in, some of them can no longer hold their stool.Scientifically, their tiny anal sphincters have been destroyed by the extreme sexual behaviors they engage themselves in and because of that, most of these young boys have to wear diapers.The results are in for Baby Centre’s top 100 girls’ names of 2017!Baby Centre parents have gone wild this year when naming their newborn girls.With your permission, we'll send you information about our products and services based on what you're looking for via email, our apps, and our site.You can change your mind and withdraw your permission at any time.


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