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The domain controller in each site that owns this role is referred to as the Inter-Site Topology Generator (ISTG).

A 15 : LDP : Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) is often used to establish MPLS LSPs when traffic engineering is not required.

It is used for batch management of trusts, joining computers to domains, verifying trusts, and secure channels.

Active Directory is a data base which store a data base like your user information, computer information and also other network object info.

I will not go to length into this powerful command, but I will show you some basic samples of how to import a large number of users into your AD.

Of course, as with the DSADD command, CSVDE can do more than just import users. Like CSVDE, LDIFDE is a command that can be used to import and export objects to and from the AD into a LDIF-formatted file.

Ans: Active Directory is directory service that stores information about objects on a network and makes this information available to users and network administrators.

Active Directory gives network users access to permitted resources anywhere on the network using a single logon process.


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