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I would like to get a a couple of the more experienced guys here to give me some feedback on my profile. I've caught every bug listed in the doctors manual including some shit in Guam that wasn't in the manual.No, I am not opening up my profile for All to comment. I am looking at all the avenues and trying to figure out where to go. A tune-up at the free clinic and youre good to go...In theory, paying members should be there to meet someone. After 4 or 5 dates we went exclusive and the fun began. I find the women on bumble to be hotter in general.From what I've been told, if you're "a catch", Bumble is best. That was fine with me, because I had a similar rule. Not sure if some of those are fake profiles, but at least one of them was real because I've been dating her.Otherwise you're 66 and almost dead anyway, so WGAF!My feeling is that the pay sites weed out some of the riff raff. They also can't send you a message until you "like" them, so that helps to weed out some of the undesireables.I am looking for a balanced woman who wants to have fun.Not interested in anger or drama, had enough of that already.

I read quite a bit of this thread and found it amusing and educational. I signed up with Match and threw out some bait but have not paid for the service.

They’re easy to access, outside a company’s control, and a cash cow for cybercriminals.

We then created profiles in various industries across different regions.

Just stay away from crack heads, they'll give you the Hivie and that won't wipe off.

Good luck Had a couple of scares in my younger years when I banged everything with a pulse, but so far I've been unscathed by STDs.


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    I am a luxury real estate consultant, working in Sofia, Bulgaria. I hope that I will be an interesting interlocutor and a I am from Bulgaria, recently retired in Bulgaria after living many years abroad.

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    Remember, the receiver has feelings, too (even if he or she is not good at showing them). It’s really easy to type out what you want and just hit send.

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    No matter where you come from, how you look, regardless of your age, your religion, your sex or your preferences - we are pleased about the fact that you are there!

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    Drinking a bowl of seawater followed by a glass of champagne, four French officers stood out during the traditional "baptism" to mark their inaugural submarine patrol: the first women to join a crew in the country's nuclear-powered fleet.

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