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However, some differentiation is made between weapon spamming against invisible targets (identified by sound, for example) and simple blind firing with the hopes of randomly hitting a target.

Nonetheless, spamming is seen as an important skill to possess even in competitive gaming circles, and some weapons are designed for the sole purpose of sustained rapid fire.

A variation of grenade spamming is noob tubing, the act of simply having a grenade or rocket launcher equipped (more commonly grenade launcher) and simply shooting in the general direction of your foe in hopes the splash damage will kill or injure them.

Apart from grenades, "spam" can also describe spray and pray tactics with firearms.

According to developers at Valve, the weapon was intended to allow players without twitch-firing skills to engage in heavy firefights by developing a different combat skill-set based around predicting the start of combat and thus being in a defensive position and having the weapon ready in advance of enemies' arrival.

Spamming certain weapons that require a large amount of game data to use or deploy, such as smoke grenades, is known to cause lag, mainly because the computer cannot easily render the effects.

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In objective-based, or flag capture games like Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3, grenade spamming is also used to keep the enemy from passing through a needed passage, or to spam the objective itself while allies perform a flank attack on the pinned opponents.Spamming, in the context of video games, refers to the repeated use of the same item or action.For example, "grenade spamming" is the act of a player throwing a large number of grenades in succession into an area.The issue is most evident in games with light, fast automatic weapons and plenty of ammunition, such as light machine guns, allowing players to run around maps with the trigger held down and usually being able to score many points before being killed.While this style of gameplay often exposes players to direct conflict, as the style is largely based on luck, players relying solely on spam tactics are often looked down upon for their apparent lack of skill.Move spamming involves using the same move or set of moves repeatedly.Usually these moves have high damage and/or speed, and can be difficult to block.Some games allow text to be turned off or mute the player after a limited number of messages at the same time, hence nullifying this form of spamming. Games that utilise Quake's chat color support can provide potential positive usage such as attracting brief attention to short-spammed preset messages which can be colour coded based on the context they are to be used, allowing the team communicate and receive better situational awareness to critical situations.Grenade spamming or 'nade spamming involves throwing multiple grenades into an area. The first occurs when a single player will repeatedly acquire grenades (usually with the assistance of hotkeys) and throw them without moving.This can often be a problem, especially in a multiplayer setting.Many players look down on intentionally spamming data-intensive weapons with the goal of causing an unfair advantage.


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