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So long as you do not harm someone (with the content of “harm” a little unclear), you should be able to decide which customers you do and do not want to serve.

The market rather than the government will do the best job of ensuring that all employees find work and that all customers find service, Shapiro believes.

I disagree with the feminists who oppose trans identity, but I understand why they have the concerns that they do.

They want to acknowledge the oppression that women experience as a function of societal rather than biological factors.

If it is such a free country, though, then why can’t anyone who wishes take on the identity of what Shapiro believes is the “opposite sex”?

Yet Shapiro becomes quite dismissive of the expression “sex assigned at birth”—because he believes that sex is determined by biology, not assigned by a doctor.

According to this anti-trans perspective, calling oneself female as a trans may fall into the same general category as ; it could be a type of “girlface,” parallel to blackface.

Another reason that some feminists have offered for resisting assertions of trans female identity is that the identity may appear to suggest that particular traits necessarily belong to women, while others necessarily belong to men.

Sex and gender, in Shapiro’s view, are biological, not socially constructed.

I wore a warm-weather mask over my face, because it was cold and snowing out.

I also wore baggy jeans and a nondescript winter jacket.

Jewish law proscribes cross-dressing as well as the removal of male genitalia.

On the subject of how gender works independently of biology, I remember having a very strange experience one winter day when I was in law school.


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