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Another major slogan was “People are the key,” with little key lapel pins given to five- and ten-year employees.MSA struggled with the technological move from batch to real-time packages, and lost ground to M&D (Mc Cormack & Dodge) over those struggles, but made it in time to survive. ” This is the first question a patient usually asks me when a follow-up blood test reveals that his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level has risen after he has already undergone treatment for prostate cancer (usually a radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy).The fear is understandable: When PSA levels rise to a certain threshold after prostate cancer treatment, the patient has suffered what is known technically as a biochemical recurrence, sometimes also referred to as a biochemical relapse or stage D1.5 disease.

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Vohs, Tinley, and Joe Southworth (perhaps MSA’s brightest development exec) went on to run Ross Systems.

Of course, with prostate cancer, nothing is simple.

This may be one disease, but it can appear in multiple forms, so every diagnosis or recurrence requires individualized assessment and intervention.

Well, actually the early days of the company were a mess, which is why Imlay was brought in to fix it, but that’s so far back in the late 60s and/or early 70s that I never really knew the details.

But at one time MSA stood for “Management Science Atlanta.” The executive team Imlay replaced included Jim Edenfield and Tom Newberry, who went on to found American Software.


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