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Traditional networks would never carry a show based on this subject.The cast & story lines are amazing and the overall story needs to be told.path=/Dora Gezwitscher&ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=″ I read that Netflix named Susan Rice to its board of directors and intends to work with the Obamas on a propaganda documentary. Sincerest wishes that Netflix implodes and disappears into oblivion, A disgusted former customer Reply We are longtime Netflix customers but are now considering cancelling.Your move to put Susan Rice on your Board of Directors is very disappointing.

I’m sure you won’t be informing your viewers which original shows,”scripted and unscripted” are products of the Obamas. and Michelle Obama did more to divide the country racially than any recent American President.

The company stated they wished to have at least half of all content available on their streaming service to be original content. Answer 3: Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in August 29,1997. Reply We are very displeased with Netflix Corp’s decision to place Susan Rice on your board of directors and give the Obama’s a production capability that transmits a message to further divide the USA.

The company continues to produce numerous, successful movies, series, and live events. Tagged as: netflix corporate address, netflix corporate headquarters, netflix corporate office, netflix corporate office address, netflix corporate office email, netflix corporate office email address, netflix corporate office fax, netflix corporate office phone, netflix corporate office phone number, netflix customer complaint desk, Netflix customer complaints, netflix headquarters, netflix main office Please Netflix pick up the show Timeless! Their progressive liberal affiliation is conducive to them promoting their political agenda.

Like so many “news” outlets, Netflix is now choosing to use this platform to spew your political opinion. Rice on the Board and some sort of missive show with the Obama’s it seems a clear direction choice for this service. Reply How disappointing that you have decided to join up with Barack Obama and have invited Susan Rice to be on your board. When will you realize that people just want to enjoy their tv shows without being constantly forced to put up with all your stupid political opinions? Reply I have been a long standing customer and you allowed me the freedom to ditch cable, thank you for that. Disjointed is a very funny show that is relevant to what is currently happening in the USA.

I am very unhappy about the recent changes that have been made to “MY LIST”. Traditional networks would never carry a show based on this subject.


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