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Maldanado is heralded as the famed manager of A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip, and a well-known music executive. Chris Rock Thinks So In a photo posted by Chris Rock that features Dave Chappelle and famed producers, the funnyman hinted at a forthcoming project helmed by the “Hey Ya! Only time will tell if Three Stacks will bless us with a new body of tunes in the near future.

While on the industry side of things, another rumor popped up on the Internet that Mr.

Featured track "Come Close" is one of the highlights of the record and is presented here in three versions: the late-night funk ballad version from the record as produced by the Neptunes, a remix by J-Dilla that radically recasts the song as a laid-back Daisy Age jam featuring raps by the ubiquitous Pharrell from the Neptunes and the always excellent Q-Tip as well as help on the vocal hook from Erykah Badu, and the instrumental version of J-Dilla's mix.

The disc also includes the LP versions of "The Hustle" and "Aquarius" and the "Come Close" video.

MGMT isn’t that much my thing, but it was THE thing for a lot of screaming girls.

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We knew we liked Built To Spill already, we just didn’t know how much.

These riff rockers also need to be better explored, as I don’t remember thinking of them as being as heavy as they are. One dude was flat on his back with his eyes closed right down front, not at all bothered by the rock exploding from the speakers a few yards away. It’s exhausting even if you’re stone cold sober, and this cat clearly was not.

Built To Spill was one of the rare guitar rock bands in this year’s FYF Fest lineup, and we loved it. I got to hear “I Want You”, and then had to make my way back over to the Main Stage for Frank Ocean.

), and we needed to have a quick badly needed sister session. The Main Stage area was overflowing while, at the same moment, there was a dance party of a lifetime going on across the Coliseum.

Golden hour was in full effect and all was well at the FYF Fest in that moment. Fans were equally excited about completely different things and there is truly something for everyone.


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