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I love to watch korean Dramas I'm interested to learn korean so guys help me to learn korean language and also i want make new friends in south korea. I started learning German in High School and proceeded to take it as my minor in college, at that point I was hooked.Learning Spanish and would love opportunity to speak with other learners or Native speakers; willing to do language swap, helping others with English if applicable. I do understand it quite well, but I need to improve active communication. I am also set to be scheduled for series of training in Munich before winter break so with this, I am looking for university schooled individuals so we share the same intellectual level to discuss various ideas especially Germany itself. Hola todo, I'm Luis and currently live in Accrington (just a bit north of Manchester).I don't read or write much, since I can only do it in Hiragana now :) So I would like to communicate with native speakers, either writing (in Hiragana or Romaji : D), or speaking, via Sky... I hope I can make some friends here to teach me those languages that I want learn. I am very intrigued with the culture and think the language is really pretty. I've been learning a little Spanish after catching the bug for it after visiting a few Spanish speaking countries. Please do, however, contribute new content and update information as you see a need so this can remain up to date. Either obtain permission or create your own content.Now I work as a business consultant and travel a lot for my work.I really like foreign languages, I speak Russian, Czech, English and German more or less fluently, and I want to improve my Japanese. Working for a huge German firm made me keen to learn German.

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Skype is a free downloadable, real-time voice and text chat communications program.

— people on this wiki tend to keep the PSN ID's page up to date — the Versions page should help you decide mean images and walkthrough text from other proprietary or copyrighted sources can be copied to the Wiki.

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Random English Chat rooms where chatters from world wide meet for text chat, voice chat or webcam chat.

- No swearing, No flooding, No harassing, No spamming, No invites, No racial & insults discussions, No cyber is allowed in Chat Rooms.


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