Emma dating degrassi

Yes, plot twist are what make the show great, however there are times where not every plot twist is going to be great, and this was one of those times.

If you find it funny that two characters who barley knew each other got parried together at the last minute even though they knew nothing about each other, that's fine and good. They got drunk and got married in Niagra Falls (very common Vegas-style cliche).

Like they had very little interaction before and then to all of a sudden be engaged it's like wait what just happened!? And didn't even let Toby and Holly J happen because Toby turned her down.

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If Emma and Spinner's relationship was a actually developed leading up to the movie, I would have accepted the marriage. they just slapped together a random pair and called it a day.Majority of Degrassi couples, have had interactions, build up, and development leading up, and then after their relationships.I expect that from a show like this, so the way they went about this comes off as pure laziness. But not in a I was dead and then my twin killed my lover etc. It's credible, and the Spinner and Emma wedding was not super credible, and the deciding to stay married thing was less so. And then they realized they could make it work and they did.Degrassi is first and foremost a piece of entertainment.I definitely don't watch it for the solid acting or writing.but instead, it's like Emma started working at The Dot one week, talked with Spinner as friends during that week, and then got married to him by the weekend. Other people in this thread have also mentioned that they know people who got married after dating a few short months — again, so do I.But that's not the same thing as Emma/Spinner either. Like you said you couldn't imagine dating your HS sweetheart now.Those people were But people do get drunk in Vegas and get married. Well Toby had a crush on Emma on S1, but she didn't see him as any more than a friend.Not to mention it makes sense that they didn't want to pay for the annulment and then over time decided they wanted to try being together. But post HS, Toby grows up and becomes a famous host of a TV show if you remember.Opinions opinions, however to me and many others, it's a lazy way to set up the future for characters, after we've seen them go through so many developed and better relationships (they were failed relationship, but realistic, and explored nonetheless). They realized what they did was a mistake and went to fix it.It's completely unrealistic that two people who had 9 conversations over 8 years would be blissfully happy in marriage. They realized they didn't have the money to fix it.


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