Embarssing dating stories

I guess I drunkenly gave my number to a random guy at a party who happened to have the same name as this cute guy in my architecture class.

Unfortunately, the guys I polled said that was a major mood killer.

) in the meditation centers I will ask what people want to talk about, as my books cover a wide range of modern day scenarios. Scenario: There Will Be Blood Almost every single guy I know has had sex with a woman while on her period.

That can be smoothed over with a quick apology later on, and the guy knows that. They didn't really see anything," and switch positions.

The funny thing is, as a guy, I don't spend nearly as much time as women talking to my friends about sex. His reply was immediate: " Like having kitty litter dig into my back while having sex in the bathroom? I didn't know about that incident before today, and his note made me realize that we don't often share embarrassing sex stories these days. With no further ado, here are the top five most common embarrassing sex stories and how gentlemen I know have responded: Scenario: The Interrupters "Hey Chuck, you ready for the game?

Maybe my friends and I are unique, but you can be the judge of that.


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