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Also, please provide a list of consultants that were awarded contracts.The current revenue agreement with Transdev for the provision of fixed route services including all addenda, amendments, attachments, exhibits and extensions.3) The number of bike trips at the Gateway Transit Center in 2015.Coral Egnew told me in her June 27th email to me: "Tri Met has worked with OPBs contractor for a temporary construction use permit for their work" in reference to the contractor's current construction work at Oregon Public Broadcasting, and their use of the Tri Met rail property adjacent to OPB's east property line (OPB is at 7140 SW Macadam).What would happen if there was a disagreement between consortium members about how to proceed?[Additional information in request.]Following the reporting methodology on page 20 of the Annual Crime Report for 2017, please provide: The number of "vehicle related offenses" and the number of "motor vehicle thefts," for each month from January 2016 through present, for the following three Park & Ride lots: SE Holgate, SE Fuller, Clackamas Town Center. I need any video that shows that intersection at that time, either from a Max train, bus, or from any Max station cameras.Clarified request: We would request all proposals, minus the fee information associated with the proposals.

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All bids in response to the aforementioned RFP including the BAFO of the winning bidder.

Last Wednesday (6/20) one of our participants got on the stop @ 122nd headed west and said that the verification machine wasn't working, so she wasn't able to stamp her ticket. There are also a number of announcements I know exist (or at least used to exist) that are no longer used but were done by the current voice actors/actresses.

She later received a citation since she wasn't able to stamp her ticket. Finally, is there any possibility of obtaining the WES announcements?

on southbound NW Broadway at intersection with NW Glisan. I am also requesting tp inspect the Tri Met Transit Center Ridership data from 2000 to the present. All documents and file materials, including all video footage from the bus cameras for a Tri Met bus accident involving Giovanni Prince on 6/28/18 around pm in the vicinity of NE 92nd Ave. I was also looking for additional data related to: 1) The number of average daily rides to and from the Portland International Airport on bus and light rail (individually) in 2015.

Possibly the 17-Holgate/Broadway line after it passed stop Id 12805All available public records from Trilviet such as reports, photographs, call logs, and similar documents, generated as a result of a MAX train collision with a vehicle that occurred on April 7, 2018 at approximately - p.m. 2) The number of bike trips to the Parkrose park-and-ride in 2015.


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