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Yes, I went to the back and found out since I have been unemployed, and with .09 in back, the attackers made three (3) payments out of my account, via wire transfers as if I made the payment for .50 cents each.Less than a week when I didn’t receive unemployment benefits, I went online to find out they went online as if they were me and shut down my benefits as if I had informed the State of Florida I no longer needed benefits. It perfectly shows your uninterrupted friends list, unvaried people you deleted off your record and blocked. Kailash October 21, How rhyme will identify whether my contact is online or not. Lafayette Burns October 10, Point added to wishlist. It doesn't even give someone a piece of one's mind you.Two days after the home service by an At&t service man, we discovered an entire network that had been created, on our home system; a perverse network, but it could only be accessed by me on the new smart television I purchased 8 prior, but never used the smart aspect of it much.

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Directv customer service is unresponsive and useless.

Can you imagine, An American Corporation, who even now, are litigation the biggest merger in US history between itself and Time Warner, and it’s only answer to American citizen, and customer for years, who walks into its store for help concerning a matter that has left him without cell phone service for over 2 /12 week; who explained to them that he was a victim from an online Malware attack; a very dangerous malware attack from a manipulative attacker, who accessed everything from banks accounts, to unemployment information, and everything else social medial, emails down the line.

Do you understand the way these corporations, social media and service providers have set up shop, without the cell phone or the telephone number you listed on your account; not just any cell phone or telephone number that can be added subsequently, you cannot even recover your emails, social media accounts, or anything else down the line.

I called for services and was told they would FED Ex and new modem within two days. A tech called me and said his name was Oscar and they was still working on my case and there was no need to call back.

I waited another couple days to called back and was told that a modem was scheduled to be sent out on the 17th. Called for the third time and still received no help.


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